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SEGUIN MOREAU has four workshops spread across three production sites. The various trades work alongside one another, cooperating to produce high quality, cutting-edge barrels, tuns, vats and large barrels. Each stage of the manufacturing process calls for specific skills, the combination of which constitutes SEGUIN MOREAU's expertise.

Barrel Workshops

From machining staves to raising barrels, our master coopers ensure that the tradition and correct techniques are observed throughout the manufacturing process. Coopers are completely focused during the firing stage, to ensure that customers' requirements are met and that high quality and reproducible results are achieved. Our workshops in Merpins, Chagny and Napa use specialized technical processes that combine cooperage tradition with modern techniques.
The workshops have a production capacity of around 300 barrels a day. Meticulous care is taken with all the finishing touches and every barrel is checked.
We offer unique expertise, which is maintained and developed via various training programs for new apprentices.

Vats, Large Barrels and Tuns Workshop

Every large container project is a unique undertaking in which 'tailor-made' is the watchword.

This dedicated workshop brings together coopers with several years' experience in the trade. Rough planks of mature hundred-year-old oak from the same log (boules) are selected and accurately cut up by master tun makers. They machine parts for future tuns or large barrels piece by piece, just like cabinetmakers.

These wooden 'vessels' (600 L to 610 L or more) are dismantled and then reassembled in the finishing workshop, where they are given a final finish before transportation to wineries. Our coopers travel to wineries in Europe, America, Asia or elsewhere for the final raising.

These containers will serve for several decades as wine-making, blending or ageing tools for wines and spirits, which they protect in optimal conditions.