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Once upon a time

The SEGUIN and MOREAU cooperages were established in Cognac in 1870 and 1838 respectively. Both of these family businesses developed a high standard of traditional expertise over several decades.

In 1958, the prestigious brandy firm REMY MARTIN wanted to control the manufacture of barrels used for ageing its spirits. It therefore decided to acquire a majority interest in the Moreau cooperage. The MOREAU cooperage then increased its production capacity by incorporating the SEGUIN workshops.

In 1970, REMY MARTIN became the sole owner of SEGUIN MOREAU.

From origins in Cognac...

At the start of the 1970s, SEGUIN MOREAU moved out of the town centre and settled near REMY MARTIN’s new wineries.

For 10 years, the cooperage devoted itself to manufacturing oak barrels for brandy, before deciding to diversify its business in the 1980s. It then opened up to the vintage wine market with great enthusiasm.

... to the world's vintage wines: expertise and innovation

What at the time was an exclusive partnership between SEGUIN MOREAU and the Faculty of Enology of Bordeaux meant that skills and expertise could be pooled: wine/wood interactions started to reveal their secrets.

Since then, the cooperage has possessed the enological knowledge and scientific tools enabling it to manufacture oak barrels that are increasingly better adapted to ageing and winemakers' expectations.