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Resolutely in France and throughout the world

SEGUIN MOREAU has become the partner for many Bordeaux chateaux. By setting up a new production workshop in Chagny, it also expanded among Burgundian wine growers and started to export to every wine-producing area in the world.

The brand has enjoyed worldwide recognition and international influence since the start of the 1990s.

To meet the expectations of all its customers, SEGUIN MOREAU Cooperage is developing its expertise in other oak species: American, Russian and European oak. This dynamism included setting up a third production site in Napa, California in 1994.

Since 2005, the company has successfully combined its ongoing commitment to sustainable development with strengthening its innovation policy. This is to ensure that it always anticipates the requirements of winemakers throughout the world.

The Chagny workshop in Burgundy was refitted in 2008, and SEGUIN MOREAU opened new premises in the Chartrons area of Bordeaux in 2011.

SEGUIN MOREAU in a few figures:

  • 75,000 barrels made every year
  • 3 production workshops: in France, at Cognac and in Burgundy, and in the USA at Napa
  • 2 seasoning yards and 2 integrated stave mills (France and USA)
  • 240 collaborators in France, USA and Australia
  • Finally and most importantly: 4,500 customers in 45 countries