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Vats, Barrels and Tuns

SEGUIN MOREAU has been developing its tun-making expertise since the 1970s, showing the greatest respect for authentic traditional French craftsmanship and drawing on specific woodworking techniques inherited from cabinetmakers and shipwrights.   
We can design oak barrels, muids, vats and tuns to fit your winery or fermenting room.
Each tailor-made product tells its own tale and is a perfect match for your ageing, wine-making or spirit blending. From selecting wood to installing containers, our creative design engineers, expertly skilled master tun makers, and reliable, meticulously careful fitters are at your service.

A seasoning yard unique in the world

Rough planks from the same log (boules) are carefully sawn up in the direction of the grain by our partners and are each rigorously inspected, plank by plank, before they are purchased. They are then identified to ensure they can be traced. The wood is stacked up and kept in the open air at our seasoning yard, where it matures throughout the seasons. When the optimal humidity level and organoleptic quality are achieved, it is turned into staves at our workshop.

Recognized expertise, combining tradition and a technical approach.

This expertise is employed in accordance with professional cooperage practise, using only the best oak: quarter sawn and rift cut. After trimming and joining, the staves are bent by firing on an open fire. This firing is followed by toasting, which may last all day for the largest containers.

For white or red wine ageing vats, we bend the upper heads into a convex shape with steam. This ensures that they are completely waterproof and eliminates air pockets. We also bend tun heads with steam, although into a concave shape. This enables them to resist pressure and prevents any deformation.

A driver and hammer are used to tighten the hoops, to ensure that they are properly tightened and completely waterproof.

Lastly, all our manways and access covers are joined together in a sandwich structure, without any bolts or joints, to ensure they are more watertight over time.

Specific Features of SEGUIN MOREAU

A brief summary of a few specific technical features offered by SEGUIN MOREAU:

  • hoops fitted using a driver and hammer
  • convex- and concave-shaped heads
  • manways and access covers joined together in a sandwich structure
  • manways fitted just above the bottom head for easy, safe drawing off
  • stainless steel full-opening upper head
  • innovative safety grate
  • automated stirring system
  • Etc.

Applying micro-porous varnish or linseed oil protects the oak from staining and gives it a warm, satiny appearance.

The galvanized steel hoops are painted to prevent them from being oxidized.

All products used are selected for their suitability for use in a wine-making environment (HACCP protocol).

Our latest innovations

SEGUIN MOREAU invites you to discover the latest ‘100% ENOLOGICAL’ innovations resulting from our research.

Document(s) to download :

Document(s) to download :