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Our alternative products are a top-of-the-range enological response for every method of introducing oak aromas into wine. Our research progress on wine/oak interactions has enabled us to develop products suitable for different positions in a wine range. 

These products come from the same oak selection and proactive maturation processes as rough staves used to make SEGUIN MOREAU barrels. Each one gives a different style that is appropriate for your wine-making tools and wines.


A new generation of oak for enology.

The OENOFIRST® range has two models designed to influence the style of your wine efficiently during the fermentation. Their compact size makes them easier to store and use, and limits the amount of oak dust inhaled by users.

Since the identity of your wines is formed from the very first stages of winemaking, OENOFIRST components come exclusively from the best selection and maturation processes for “Haute Futaie” coopering oak. Raw material quality is rigorously checked at every stage of the OENOFIRST manufacturing process, giving you guaranteed precision and regularity.

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A range of chips for wine aging, drawing on the latest scientific knowledge
about the oenological use of oak and validated via extensive laboratory and
cellar testing.

This top-of-the-line tool enables winemakers to obtain distinctive, reproducible
sensory profiles, while benefitting from a more rapid extraction rate.

We've added OENOCHIPS Exception to our current OENOCHIPS range. This French Oak Oenochips Exception develops sensations of sweetness quiclky and a well-balanced aromatic impact: intense fruity notes without oakiness.

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•An oak chip for the fast treatment (1-3 weeks) of wines and spirits.
• Compact to facilitate storage and use, while limiting inhalation of the oak dust by users.
• An effective and stable enhancement up until the consumption of your wines and spirits.

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“Exception" range as exceptional! The name of this range has its origin not only in the exceptional selection of these products, but also in the results, which have also been described as exceptional by the winemakers involved in the experimental phases.

The wood selection - heart of the Seguin Moreau cooperage's DNA - is one of the keys to the quality of these products: the woods used in the manufacture of this range are the result of ultra-precise qualitative analyses.

EXCEPTION, a product in two versions : Chips and Staves Exception. 

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The Oenofirst range, known for its 2 references R00 and R01, presented as compacted bricks - Seguin Moreau's patented innovations already adopted by many cellar masters - has been extended and now exists for rosé wines.

OENOFIRST® ROSÉ[S] was developed in partnership with the R&D department of the ICV Group.

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This range of enological staves enables winemakers to give their wine complex oak aromas. The aroma profile is produced at a reasonably price and can be reproduced. This is a quality tool that complements ageing in barrels.

The aromas and tannins are extracted slowly and gradually, achieving balanced, nuanced ingress that varies according to the oak species chosen and firing levels.

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OENOSTAVE Collection

ŒNOSTAVE Collection is a range of 10 products assembled from selected oak staves and tailored to achieve precise, reproducible sensory properties in given types of wine. Array of easy-to-use and innovative winemaking solutions, this range is supported by the cutting-edge scientific expertise of the SEGUIN MOREAU technical team.

The finest wines all rely on a complex balance, which is why our ŒNOSTAVE Collection combines oak woods of different profiles and potential. Specific toasting processes have been developed for each oak, tailored to respect the wood’s innate Œnological Potential. We chose to develop a complex manufacturing process through all stages of production to offer you tank staves that are consistent and easy to use.

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This enological innovation ensures that a wine range aged in ancient oak barrels will be distinctive and profitable. It was designed using a precise combination of oak species with specific maturation and firing. This unique enological tool ensures a complex sensory profile that can be reproduced.

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This range was designed to achieve optimal expression of the oak's nuances and complexity. It ensures regular, precise sensory profiles.

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