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SEGUIN MOREAU has drawn up its quality policy in accordance with two priority areas:

  • listening to and satisfying our customers, who drive continuous improvement,
  • food safety, via its HACCP process based on controlling health risks and organoleptic faults.    


From undressed timber to barrels, SEGUIN MOREAU has set up a precise, high-performance traceability system: all materials and manufacturing parameters are identified and traced.  Each barrel is identified by a unique code, which enables the results of quality checks and the features of the raw materials of which it is made to be traced: this includes, among other things, oak species, grain, thickness and geographical origin.  

Food risk control measures, which were set up as part of the HACCP process, have been supplemented by setting up a Food Safety and Quality Management System. This has been implemented on all production sites and has been certified by Bureau Veritas since 2007 as complying with ISO standard 22000.

Sustainable Forest Management

SEGUIN MOREAU obtained PEFC™ certification in 2005: this certification promotes the forest heritage via a forest replanting and sustainable development policy.  

SEGUIN MOREAU has certified PEFC™ for all the french oak barrels and large containers, with the license number: PEFC™/10-31-640.

The cooperage's commitment does not stop here: in 2009, SEGUIN MOREAU carried out its Carbon Footprint Assessment in accordance with the ADEME (French Environment and Energy Control Agency) reference. Following this process, it made the world's first carbon neutral barrels available to its customers.