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Everything starts with wood

From the very beginning, we look for perfect oak trees in the forest: 120-180 years of slow and steady growth are the key to success.

SEGUIN MOREAU purchases wood for making oak barrels from the autumn onwards. Our experienced buyers attend every sales drive organized by the National Forests Office. They select trees that match very demanding specifications. 

SEGUIN MOREAU relies on a large network of foresters, who have sole authorization to fell and haul trees and show the utmost consideration for forests. The undressed timber selected is then turned into rough staves at our stave mill in Vélines (Dordogne) or at our partner stave mills. French oak is split rather than sawn to ensure that the wood will be naturally watertight.

Proactive Oak Maturation

All rough staves selected by SEGUIN MOREAU go to the Cognac seasoning yard for a proactive maturation process developed by the cooperage in the 1980s.

This is a unique, exclusive process that involves managing the wood so that it seasons slowly and gradually. It aims to help develop the oak's chemical and organoleptic properties, to achieve optimal aromatic and phenolic potential.

Although the rough staves are aged by uncertain natural processes, SEGUIN MOREAU can take credit for its scientific understanding of natural ageing.

We can therefore speak of controlled maturation by seasoning in the open air for 24 months on average.